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When you engage me for a writing project, you get...


A widely varied career spanning more than thirty years enables me to quickly zero in on what clients need. Whether corporate B2B communication, B2C consumer marketing or institutional image enhancement, I have the proven ability to nail down and accurately interpret what the fundamental message is and how to best present it for optimum effectiveness.


A unique fusion of seasoned talents that includes writing, design and strategic communication thinking (a rare combination in the same person) are your assurance of a multi-dimensional creative resource. I can either provide text by itself or, when required, within a comprehensive layout – including graphic elements – prepared for final reproduction.


My broad exposure to major industries, business practices, and communication situations is a distinct advantage to clients who need a writing pro they don't have to 'educate' or 'hand-hold'. With a clear briefing from the client, I normally 'hit the ground' running and quickly take the lead. My creative versatility makes me an ideal choice to either produce and manage entire communication projects – on time and within budget – or to work with your creative team as a solutions contributor. I am comfortable and competent in either role.

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